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Do I have to pay anything if I want to go abroad with Yobbers?
No! The contact, advice, service, and help given during the recruitment process by Yobbers are free, you don't have to pay us anything! Depending on the job and the employer, you may have to pay for your flight and accommodation yourself. This is always clearly indicated in the vacancies and discussed during the application process.
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In the vacancy it says that accomodation is temporarily available, what does that mean?
If the accommodation is temporarily available, it generally means that the employer will provide housing for the first weeks. This way, you can start your new job abroad easily and it is easier to find accommodation when you are already in the country. You can find the specifics per job in the vacancy itself. Otherwise, we will tell you about it in the application process.
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How do I find a place to live?
In some cases the employer offers accommodation, this will be indicated in the vacancy itself. Even if they do not offer accommodation, the employers will have information and advice on how to find a home in the country. Have a look at our housing abroad page for more information or read our blogs full of tips on finding accommodation. We also have relocation experts working at Yobbers who would love to help you find your new home! 
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What should I do with my flat or house in my home country?
For most of the vacancies we offer on the website, it is not possible to maintain two houses. Unfortunately, the starting salary is often insufficient to sustain two residences. Although the cost of living is cheaper in many countries, most people choose to give up their lease or temporarily sublet. From our own experience, we know that undergoing this unique life experience is definitely worth it!
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If I choose company housing, do I have to live there for the entire duration of my contract?
No, you are not required to stay in the housing of the employer for the duration of your contract. Just discuss this and notify your company in a timely manner if you wish to leave the housing!
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Is it possible to go abroad with my children and family?
For most of the vacancies we offer, it is difficult to go abroad with children because the salary is often insufficient to support your family. Besides that, the employer often expects you to work full time and it can be hard to find a nanny. Living and working abroad with children also poses some organizational problems. In our experience, it is therefore rare that your children can accompany you abroad for the positions we currently offer.
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Can my partner join me abroad without working via Yobbers?
Generally, your partner can join you for the new chapter abroad. Sometimes accommodation is offered by the employer. In this case, the accommodations are only offered to people employed by the employer. If you decide to come with your partner who does not work for the same employer, you have to find accommodation for both of you on your own initiative. It's possible for sure!
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Can I take my pet abroad?
For most jobs, it is complicated to take pets with you. Most of the time, if there is accommodation offered, it is not suitable for animals. There are also laws about bringing animals into a country, and be aware that you often work 40 hours a week. So, in our experience, it is rather complicated to take your pet abroad. But the choice is yours, of course!
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Do I need a visa and do I have to arrange it myself?
If you have an European passport and want to work in a European country, you do not need a visa. Due to agreements within the European Union, there is free movement of workers. If you decide to work in a country outside Europe, you may need a visa. Be sure to check this out in advance when you take on the challenge of working abroad. During the application process, we’ll inform you about all the things that should be arranged. In most cases, your future employer helps with paperwork like this.
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Do I get insurance or do I have to organize it myself?
When you work abroad, it is necessary to have health insurance, travel insurance, and liability insurance. It is important to consider which insurance suits you best. Sometimes, the employer abroad may provide health insurance. Always inquire with your employer about what they can arrange for you. If you plan to work abroad for an extended period, it is necessary to register with the municipality where you work and reside. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!
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Do I need certain vaccines when working abroad?
It depends on the country that you will be working in. Generally, most vaccines are only needed when traveling outside of Europe. The best is to consult with your doctor about the recommended vaccines for the country you are going to.
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How does the Yobbers referral program work?
On your Yobbers profile, you will find a personal link that you can share with your family and friends. Copy the link and send it to your friends. They will then be able to sign up via the link and we will register the referral in our system. Once they start the job and it all is in line with the guidelines, you will receive the reward. Read more about it on our referral page!
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What does 'relocation package' mean?
In some of the jobs, the employer supports you with a relocation package. This can vary depending on the job and the company. For example, it can include (temporary) accommodation or rent supplements, reimbursement of your flight ticket, airport pick-up, health insurance, or even various free leisure activities.
This should help you to arrive in the new country more easily and to make contacts!

You will find out exactly what applies to you in your first non-binding telephone conversation with us after your application.
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