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Why with Yobbers?
Who or what is Yobbers?
Yobbers is your partner for going abroad! We are a young, professional team with lots of experience when it comes to living and working abroad. Together, we aim to inspire as many people as possible to (just like us) discover the world! Our main office is in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2022, we also have an office in Valencia, Spain. 
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How is Yobbers helping me?
From your first visit to our website to starting your new job abroad, Yobbers is your travel partner! For most vacancies (usually jobs for about one year), we are responsible for the recruitment process and will guide you through the entire process. For some vacancies (usually short-term jobs), your application will directly go to the employer. But, no matter what, we are always here to help!
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How many people can I refer to Yobbers?
You can refer as many people as you want to Yobbers. Your personal link remains the same and is always valid. You will receive a reward for each guest who starts a job abroad for about (6-12) months. Please keep an eye on the guidelines, it is clearly stated when you are entitled to the reward. 
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How does the Yobbers referral program work?
On your Yobbers profile, you will find a personal link that you can share with your family and friends. Copy this link and send it via Whatsapp, email, or chat on social networks to your friends. They will then be able to register via the link and we will register the referral in our system. Once they start the job and it all is in line with the guidelines, you will receive the reward. 
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