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Sunshine and Siestas: Paddy’s Valencia Experience

Last update: 30 March, 2024  ◦  21 March, 2024 by Photo from Lisa Lisa  ◦  3 minutes reading time
Paddy working in Valencia Spain

Hey there, I'm Paddy, a mix of English and Irish roots, currently soaking up life in Valencia. Let me tell you, I'm absolutely loving every minute of it! I said goodbye to my old British routine; now, it's all about embracing new cultures and soaking in the fantastic weather. Curious for more? Dive into my story!

Taking the plunge

Setting off on my adventure, I aimed to find a job that matched my economics degree. I lived and studied in the Netherlands and decided I wanted to continue my adventure abroad! Searching for English-speaking job opportunities in Valencia, I quickly stumbled upon one that caught my eye. While I managed to secure both a job and accommodation independently, I couldn't help but think how helpful it would've been to have a platform to help. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend Yobbers to anyone eyeing a job abroad.

Finding the job is just the first step, but navigating everything else can be tricky, especially when you're flying solo. Having someone to talk to who understands the ropes of the new system you're stepping into can make all the difference.

Living in one place your entire life can blind you to the fact that everyone tends to do the same things, day in and day out. But stepping into Spain opened my eyes to the vast differences in how people approach life here. From the simplest tasks to the most complex, everything just has a different flavor. And I love it! It's about taking those things you love, and embracing them fully. Like my cherished naps; in Spain, they call it "siestas," and it's a lifestyle I've happily adopted!

When I moved to Valencia, my first week here I ordered a beer for 1 euro and that definitely changed my life forever.

A new way of life

Life in Spain has been a game-changer for me. The weather alone makes such a difference. Waking up to sunshine instantly boosts my mood and motivation. Being able to chill on a terrace with friends—it just feels right. Spain's vibe is totally me, socially and culturally. It's like I've found my place in the sun, literally and figuratively.

Being able to come here and connect with new people through work, parties, and online events I’ve found myself a really great community.

Do I regret moving abroad? Not one bit! The things that I have seen and been able to experience while being abroad has truly made me a better person and I've gained a deeper understanding of the world around me. Being away from my home country has opened my eyes to different cultures and perspectives. I've developed more empathy for others and a greater appreciation for diversity. This journey has broadened not only my horizons but also my mindset, and that's a skill I value immensely.

Ready to go? 

If you’re thinking about going abroad but not 100% sure yet? Just go for it! If you already have the idea in your head just take the plunge. It's definitely a bit scary in the beginning but it’s so worth it! And if you need some more convincing, read Yobbers blog about 25 concerns about going abroad and why you should get rid of them!


I sometimes miss my life back in the United Kingdom, especially my family and my good friends that I left behind. I might go back at some point but not now! I don’t think for another ten years at least. I have an amazing place, good work, and great friends here. Life truly couldn’t be better right now. It has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait for all the other memories that I will make!


Feeling inspired to move abroad after reading Paddy’s experience? Check out our vacancies abroad and take the plunge! 

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