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Ski trip from the city of Valencia

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Collage with three pictures of the Yobbers ski trip

At Yobbers, we believe that colleagues can become good friends. This is why our teams in Leeuwarden and Valencia often spend quality time together outside of work. In this blog, Recruitment intern Kate tells you all about the ski trip that our Valencia team went on in February. Keep on reading!

“In mid-February, our Valencia team went on a ski trip to Javalambre, a ski resort about a 2-hour drive away from Valencia. I can already imagine the look on your face right now. Skiing? Only two hours from a city where the sun shines 300 days a year? Yes, exactly! It was a very special yet bizarre experience, because there were heaps of actual snow and it was really cold. Meanwhile, it was no less than 18 degrees in Valencia

Entrance ski resort Javalambre

Early birds

The ski trip was organised by Nuestra Aventura, which regularly organises sports activities and trips from Valencia. Prices were very reasonable: for a day of skiing, including ski equipment, a ski pass, transport and lunch, we only paid 85 €!


The day started early. We met up at the Valencia bus station, near the Yobbers office, at 6.45 AM. Some of the colleagues took a nap during the bus ride. As I looked outside, I saw the first mountains popping up in the distance, and soon we arrived at the ski resort. It did not really matter whether you were an experienced skier or a complete newbie, there were slopes adapted to all levels. The ski area was huge! 

Yobbers team is skiing

We love Javalambre!

For lunch, we had delicious hamburgers and drinks, just what we needed! When everyone was done, we started the second part of our ski day. 


The ski resort Javalambre is located at an altitude of 2,000 metres and is open 24 days a year, especially during the first months of the year. You could clearly see that the slopes and lifts are well maintained. At the bottom of the mountain there are places where you can grab a bite or a drink, and there are several places where you can sled. You can also take ski lessons. In other words: Javalambre has everything you need for a great day of skiing. And afterwards, you easily head back to sunny Valencia! 

Ski resort Javalambre

I find it really bizarre that there is such a ski resort so close to Valencia, and I love it. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it. Thank you to Nuestra Aventura, who organised this terrific trip. I already look forward to the next one!"

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Yobbers team at the bus in Javalambre

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