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How to capture your winter memories in a travel journal! ❄️

Last update: 24 July, 2023  ◦  27 December, 2022 by Photo from Giovanna Giovanna  ◦  353 views  ◦  4 minutes Reading time
A travel journal that's getting filled with winter memories

Are you planning on collecting winter memories during the colder months? Then keep on reading to get some inspiration for your next adventure abroad!

Do you remember our other blogs about travel journaling? Well, we are ending this series with some inspiration for collecting your winter wonderland memories! Your overcrowded gallery with pictures and the pile with souvenirs that are gathering dust in the living room will be history, after reading this blog. So keep on reading to find out how you can capture your winter wonderland adventure in a travel journal!

Spectacular pictures

An overcrowded gallery with pictures we don’t look at enough, we all know it! In our third blog about travel journaling we already told you the tips & tricks to tell stories with those pictures. And since the winter season has begun, we hope that your travel journal will also be filled with a lot of pictures of the snow! But did you ever think about how you take a good picture of this? 📸 A picture of the white snow can quickly get underexposed due to wrong settings on your camera, or due to a mischosen perspective. So look for a subject that stands out and doesn’t disappear into the beautiful landscape! You could think of a little house or some snowy trees against the blue sky. Would you like to be able to add the prettiest winter memories to your travel journal? Then go out early, so you can still photograph the snow without seeing all the footsteps. With these wintery pictures you can definitely relive your winter wonderland memories anytime you want to! 

Wintery souvenirs

During the winter months, It’s often harder to find souvenirs at local stores. Many of them are closed several days a week, but in the northern part of Europe the tourist season is in full swing! One of the most popular souvenirs to bring home from Norway is a sweater or a pair of socks with a traditional snowflake pattern. Although Finland is known for the stories about the Moomins! In 1945 the Finnish writer Tove Jansson wrote the very first story about these characters and since then they have been popular worldwide. Did you know that you can buy souvenirs of these characters on the official website or in local stores? There is a lot to choose from, but some souvenirs are not suitable for a travel journal! You can check in our second blog about travel journaling already which souvenirs are suitable. To give you some inspiration, these wintery souvenirs are the favourites from the Yobbers team:


1. Christmas labels 2. city maps 3. postcards 4. postage stamps 5. tea bags 6. gift tags 7. receipts 8. candy wrappers 9. passport stamps 10. entrance or public transportation tickets 11. limited edition packaging 12. coins and bills.

Visit a Christmas market 🎄

Every year there are approximately 177 cities in Europe that organise Christmas markets! There you will not only be able to find the nicest gifts, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to buy winter souvenirs. Have a look at the traditional ornaments for your Christmas tree or take home the reusable cup of your mulled wine. In other words, a visit to this popular hotspot is a must during your winter wonderland adventure! Are you still looking for inspiration on where to travel this month? Then read our blog about the places you don’t want to miss in December!

Or make a once in a lifetime trip!

As long as temperatures are pleasant, tourists keep booking city trips or holidays to popular destinations. So that means that in most countries, the peak season is between spring and autumn. See the winter as your chance to make a once in a lifetime trip outside the tourist season. Start planning that winter wonderland adventure abroad to collect new memories in your travel journal! 🙌🏻 By the way, we think a sleigh ride with huskies in Lapland should definitely be on your winter bucket list. And obviously the same applies for a road trip through Scandinavia, as this is truly a winter wonderland! Did you know that during this time of the year, you also have the best chance of seeing the Northern lights? So make sure to explore Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland! The winter sports enthusiasts among us can also enjoy the snow in Italy, Switzerland or Austria.

How do you add these memories to a travel journal?

In our first blog about travel journaling we told you all the ins & outs about collecting memories in a (digital) travel journal. From landscape photography to a self written review of the food hotspots you visited during your adventure abroad. A travel journal is the place for all these winter memories, so let your creative inspiration run wild! Are you still looking for a travel journal? Then consider buying the Adventure book! This journal helps you tick off places from your bucket list and capture your travel memories. How cool is that? 🧡 And you can even choose from three varieties!

👉🏻 Would you like to start with a new adventure in winter wonderland, so you can collect the memories that you made during your time abroad in a travel journal? Then check out our job offers! Or get inspired by our other blogs on the website. We wish you lots of fun with collecting your special memories in a travel journal! 📓

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