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Greece month by month: must-see activities and destinations all year round!

4 January, 2024 by Photo from Tom Tom  ◦  12 views  ◦  6 minutes reading time
12 months in greece

Discover all the beauty Greece has to offer with the must-sees for each month of the year in this blog!

Greece is a popular destination in the summer, but did you know there's always something to do all year round? From cruises to the islands in mild temperatures to unique sights in winter, we explain everything you need to know to enjoy your year in Greece!



January is an ideal month to explore archaeological sites in Greece as temperatures are cooler and there are few tourists. Places like Delphi and Olympia, located outside Athens, are particularly worth visiting during this time. If you like winter sports, you can also go skiing in the mountains near Thessaloniki. It is advisable to wear warm clothes and bring comfortable shoes.


February is a great time to explore the Greek islands and take advantage of their mild climate at this time and low tourist numbers. The islands of the Cyclades, Ionian Islands and Dodecanese are particularly worth visiting at this time of year, such as Rhodes with its medieval fortresses or Pamos, where you can visit the cave where John wrote the Apocalypse. Otherwise, you can admire the quiet beaches, beautiful landscapes and charming villages that characterise these islands. It's best to bring comfortable or even slightly warmer clothes to enjoy nature without freezing.



March is a perfect month to explore northern Greece, as temperatures get warmer and the fir forests are in full bloom. Visits to Byzantine monasteries like Meteora are particularly impressive at this time of year. Hikes through the fir forests, boat trips on lakes and rivers and visits to traditional villages are really activities not to be missed. But bring sturdy walking shoes for the excursions into nature! You can also take part in the feast of St George. This festival is celebrated throughout the country on 23 March in honour of St George. There are processions and celebrations in churches and villages. Not to forget the Carnival, which is celebrated all over the country, and the Honey Festival, which takes place in the mountainous regions such as the Epirus Mountains, the Pindos Mountains or the Pelion Mountains. 🐝


April is an ideal month to explore the archaeological sites of Athens such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The temperatures are pleasant and it is the beginning of the tourist season. The islands near Athens, such as Hydra, Poros and Aegina, are also ideal destinations for this time of year. It is advisable to bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes for outdoor excursions. Hydra is more natural and traditional with its cobbled streets where you can enjoy the flowers and mountain views. Poros and Aegina are younger and livelier, with plenty of bars for memorable nights out!



In May, the days are warmer and longer and the temperatures are pleasant for sailing. It's another month to explore the surrounding islands. On a boat trip you can discover the quiet beaches, beautiful landscapes and charming villages of the Greek islands. Nature festivals and craft fairs also often take place in May, so it's a great time to get to know the local traditions. Speaking of local traditions: May is rich in religious holidays, and you can even see a military parade on Victory over the Axis Powers Day, 27 May.


June is the start of the high season in Greece and temperatures are warm, so it's a good time to visit the sandy beaches and fishing villages of the Peloponnese.  As in May, cultural festivals and events are often held in June, so this is also a good time to enjoy the local traditions (and the sun!). One of our favourite festivals: the Thessaloniki Music Festivals. In June, Thessaloniki hosts several music festivals, including the Jazz Festival, the Classical Music Festival and the Folk Music Festival. There's something for everyone!


July is the hottest month of the year in Greece (along with August), making it the perfect time for a beach holiday. It's a great time to cool off and enjoy the turquoise waters of the Greek coast. There are many music festivals where you can meet locals, as well as sea festivals. There are several sea festivals that take place in different coastal villages in Greece, although each village or region may have its own name for the festival. Generally, these festivals are held to celebrate the sea, fishermen, local traditions associated with the sea and the summer season. Sea festivals can include water sports activities, concerts, fireworks, boat parades, seafood tastings and sports competitions. It is difficult to give you an exact date for these festivals as this varies from region to region. It is therefore advisable to check with the local tourist offices to find out which sea festivals are taking place in the region you are going to. Bring light clothing, a swimming costume and sunscreen!


August is also very hot in Greece, so it's always a good time for a trip to the beach. The Greek islands are particularly popular at this time of year and offer many options. You can also do water sports like diving, sailing and beach sports in August, try it out! 
In addition to beach activities, there are still many music and dance festivals in the villages and on the islands, which offer another opportunity to learn about local culture and traditions. Craft fairs and gourmet festivals are also common in August and offer the opportunity to get to know local products and culinary specialities.

However, it is important to book hotels and activities in advance (also applies to July), as August is the month when most people go on holiday and can therefore be in high demand.



September is still a month to visit the Greek islands and the beaches of the Peloponnese. Temperatures are still pleasant and there are slightly fewer tourists than in summer. It is also a good time for outdoor activities such as hiking, boat trips and festivals in nature. Fancy a party? There are several university parties held at universities and colleges in September to mark the start of the academic year. These parties often attract students and young people who want to meet new people and have fun. 🥳 It's also best to book early as September is quite touristy in Greece.


October is the last month of the year when it is pleasant to visit the Greek islands such as the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands and the Dodecanese Islands. So if you haven't done so yet: let's go! The temperatures are still pleasant and there are fewer tourists than in summer. So it's a good time for outdoor activities like hiking or climbing. As October is quite mild but not as crowded as the summer months, it is also a great time to visit Athens. For a visit to Athens, make sure you have good footwear ready, as it's uphill!



November is a good time to explore the archaeological sites outside Athens, such as Delphi and Olympia, which are less visited by tourists. Temperatures start to get cooler, so it is advisable to wear warm clothes. The museums and art galleries in Athens are also an option for those interested in art and culture. You can also go hiking and enjoy the winter scenery, but dress warmly! Are you a film lover? There are several film festivals taking place across the country in November, including independent film festivals, international film festivals and animation festivals. These festivals are a great opportunity for young people to discover new films and meet filmmakers! 🎬


December is a good month to explore the cobbled streets and gardens of Athens and enjoy the Christmas season. Attending concerts, strolling through Christmas markets and enjoying traditional cuisine are activities you shouldn't miss. The streets are beautifully decorated and there are many events in the city.

There are several Christmas markets in Greece that are very popular and offer a variety of handmade products, Christmas decorations, culinary specialities and entertainment for the whole family. Choosing the best Christmas market depends on your preferences and where you are staying. Some of the most famous markets in Greece are located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Patras and Volos.

If you are interested in living and working in Greece, check out our job opportunities in Greece and start your adventure in the sunny country!

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