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Holidays and festivities you don't want to miss in September!

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La Merce festival, Barcelona

Sad that the summer months are over? These celebrations will make you forget the cooling weather and make you appreciate the beginning of fall! 🍂🎉

Sydney Contemporary - Sydney, Australia

Tickets from 24€


Imagine all of Australia’s best art galleries under one roof! 🖼The Sydney Contemporary brings together over 450 established as well as up-and-coming artists from over 90 galleries. So enter to admire the art of your favorite artists and stay to explore new ones! Who knows, maybe by the end of the day you’ll have a new favorite. The event offers an immersive experience with guided tours, educational workshops, and exclusive VIP events. Additionally, many of Sydney’s top-rated restaurants will open a pop-up location at the event offering a delicious experience for all art lovers.🎨

La Merce - Barcelona, Spain

Jump in to Barcelona’s biggest street festival of the year! Dating back hundreds of years, this festival celebrates Mediterranean and Catalan culture in the best way possible. The whole idea is to end the summer with a bang and give a warm welcome the cooler months ahead. There are so many things to see and experience during La Merce that it’s impossible to attend everything and the decision on which events to attend will be a tough one. You can choose between traditional dances, street art, concerts and the “Castells”, the impressive human towers. Want to make sure you have time to experience all that La Merce has to offer? Check out our job opportunities in Spain! ☀️🎊

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Surely the famous Oktoberfest in Germany is known by many, but much to everyone’s surprise, it mostly takes place in September. First celebrated in 1810, this is the largest beer festival in the world, so it is THE EVENT of the year for all beer lovers. The two week festival brings in millions of visitors from around the world to enjoy the combination of Bavarian culture, traditional music, hearty cuisine and, of course, generous portions of beer. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a culture fan, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, put on your lederhosen and dive into this unmatched event of the global festival year. 🍺

Moon Festival - China

The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is a cherished East Asian celebration, known by its enchanting association with the full moon at its brightest. Families gather to celebrate the harvest season and enjoy delicious mooncakes together.🥮 Lantern displays illuminate the night sky, creating a magical atmosphere as people share stories, exchange well wishes and witness traditional performances. This is the perfect celebration to  honor unity, experience cultural authenticity and enjoy a festival that holds deep cultural and emotional significance. 🌕🏮

Venice Film Festival - Venice, Italy

Tickets from 6€


Distinguished as the world’s oldest film festival, The Venice film festival in Italy radiates an atmosphere of cinematic elegance. Held annually on Lido island, the prestigious event draws filmmakers, actors, critics and movie lovers from across the globe. 🎞The festival’s rich history spans decades, showcasing a diverse array of films that reflect artistic innovation and storytelling brilliance. Against the enchanting Venetian backdrop the Venice film festival stands as a beacon for creative expression, cultural exchange and the celebration of the transformative power of film. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect event to get cozy and ready for the fall while enjoying cinematic masterpieces! 🎥🍿

Eager to experience and learn more about the celebrations of different cultures? Check out our jobs abroad and start planning your new adventure today! 🌍🛫

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