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How to create your home away from home: tips!

4 March, 2024 by Photo from Emily Emily  ◦  4 minutes reading time
Home away from home

Feeling homesick is entirely normal when living abroad. Although it's not a pleasant feeling, it's common to struggle with feeling at home in a new country, surrounded by unfamiliar people and cultures. Don't let this hold you back! In this blog, you'll find our favorite tips on how to quickly feel at home in your new surroundings abroad.

How to make your new place feel like home

🖼️ Personalize your room 

One of the simplest ways to bring warmth and comfort to your surroundings is by hanging up pictures and memories of your friends and family. These visual reminders of your loved ones will fill your space with love and cherished moments. Also, don’t forget to bring along your favorite teddy bear or any plush companion and incorporate items that remind you of home like a small trinket, a particular scent, or even your favorite book. Those small things can significantly enhance the homely vibe of your space. 


🔐 Find your own safe space

In the whirlwind of living abroad a safe space is where you can retreat to recharge, reflect, or simply take a breath when the excitement of new experiences becomes overwhelming. It's important to find a spot where you feel utterly at peace and safe, be it the cozy confines of your room, a serene corner of a local park, or the inviting ambiance of your new favorite café. It’s a place where you can be alone with your thoughts, unwind without judgment, and gather strength. 


🌆 Explore your surroundings 

To feel at ease in your new surroundings, it's crucial to take some time to explore and familiarize yourself with the area. Knowing your way around town, from the cozy nook of your neighborhood to the bustling streets of the city center, instills a sense of belonging and comfort. Start by mastering the routes to places you visit frequently, such as local markets, cafes, or parks. It is also important to have a general understanding of the city like the different districts, hotspots for dining and entertainment, as well as the places you should better avoid.

How to adapt and embrace the new culture

🗣️ Learn the language 

Learning the language of the country you're moving to makes it easier to communicate with the locals, and you might develop more of a feeling of community. Even if it's just knowing a few basic phrases, like saying "thank you" or asking to pay by card, it can help make you feel more comfortable in daily interactions. For more tips and tricks, check out our blog on how to learn a new language.


🏛️ Get to know the culture 

Get to know the culture, understand the cultural etiquette, and customs, and show respect and appreciation for the local way of life, whether it's mastering the art of greeting, dressing appropriately, or observing social norms. Trying out the typical cuisine broadens your horizon and goes beyond mere culinary adventure; it's an exploration of the region. Also try to adapt to possible cultural differences to make your transition easier and feel more part of the community.  


🤩 Be open to new things

It sounds as easy as it is: be open to all the new things you will encounter and don’t close yourself off. Even though new experiences can be scary and really different from what you might be used to, always try to be as open-minded as possible and enjoy the thrill of exploring a new culture.

How to make friends abroad

🏋️‍♀️ Participate in work activities 

Many of our jobs abroad offer activities for their employees like surf lessons, beach cleanups or free language classes. You should not miss out on them because they are the best way to get to know your colleagues better and connect on a deeper level. 


🤝 Join Facebook groups

Believe us when we say: you are not the only expat looking for new friends abroad. On Facebook you find many groups where you can connect with other people in your city and find out about hotspots, festivals and much more. 


Our favorite example: the Yobbers Community. In our own Facebook group you connect and talk to expats from all over the world. Exchange tips and tricks, find accommodation abroad or just get inspired for your next adventure!


🎉 Visit local festivals, cafes, and more…

Exploring public places like bars, clubs, cafes, and parks isn't just about the experience; it's also a great way to meet new people. If the idea of going out alone sounds intimidating, you're not alone. But pushing past that comfort zone can open up a lot of opportunities. Next time you find yourself in a spot where the vibe feels right, consider striking up a conversation with someone. It might seem a bit out of your comfort zone at first, but just give it a shot and see where it takes you!


👫 By the way, did you know you can also apply and find a job abroad together with a friend?


With these tips, you're equipped to make your new city feel like home! If you're still undecided about where to spend your time abroad, explore all our vacancies and embark on your new adventure soon!

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