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I am not 18 yet, can i still work abroad?
For most jobs, you need to be18 years old due to laws and regulations. Are you almost 18 years old? Then it is possible to send your application for the jobs. As long, as you are 18, when you start the job, it is no problem to apply before you turn 18. Sometimes we do have positions where you do not need to be 18, feel free to reach out to us, then we can see if we have possibilities.
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How is Yobbers helping me?
From your first visit to our website to starting your new job abroad, Yobbers is your travel partner! For most vacancies (usually jobs for about one year), we are responsible for the recruitment process and will guide you through the entire process. For some vacancies (usually short-term jobs), your application will directly go to the employer. But, no matter what, we are always here to help!
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I am about to go abroad, what should I do?
Here are some things to consider before you leave. It is important to set aside money for the first month abroad, as you may not receive your salary up front. Some employers will help you with the administrative procedures. Don't worry, during your recruitment process, you will learn more about what your employer will arrange for you and what you need to take care of. If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat.
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Who or what is Yobbers?
Yobbers is your partner for going abroad! We are a young, professional team with lots of experience when it comes to living and working abroad. Together, we aim to inspire as many people as possible to (just like us) discover the world! Our main office is in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2022, we also have an office in Valencia, Spain.
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Can I make changes to my profile?
Yes, you can easily make changes by going to your profile settings. If you have any problems editing your profile, send us a message via chat and we will be happy to help you!
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Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can delete your account yourself in the settings. After two weeks, your account and all data will be permanently deleted from all our systems. If you change your mind in the meantime, we can reactivate the account. After that, it is no longer possible!
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I am a little older, can I still apply for your jobs?
Yes, all ages are welcome to apply!
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I would like to go abroad with a friend, is that possible?
What a great decision, working abroad together has many advantages. It is certainly possible to apply together with a friend. You both need to make accounts on our website and apply for your preferred vacancy. In the application, you will have to mention that you want to work together with your friend and Yobbers and the employer will consider it. However, we cannot make any promises, that you will get the same job. We also have a referral program, where you can earn a reward if your friends apply via the link in your profile. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via chat!
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Am I entitled to vacation when I work abroad?
As an employee, you are always entitled to a legal number of vacation days per year. To take your days, discuss it with your employer abroad.
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How many people can I refer to Yobbers?
You can refer as many people as you want to Yobbers. Your personal link remains the same and is always valid. You will receive a reward for each guest who starts a job abroad for about (6-12) months. Please keep an eye on the guidelines, it is clearly stated when you are entitled to the reward. 
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How can I receive updates on the latest jobs on Yobbers?
We post new jobs regularly! To keep up to date with the latest job offers, it is important that you have an account. As soon as a vacancy that matches your profile and interests becomes available, you will be the first to know! If you would like to receive further updates from us, you can also sign up for our newsletter! 
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Do I work directly for Yobbers?
Sometimes, we have our own open vacancies on our website. If our logo appears in the job photo, it's a job at Yobbers. But mostly you will not be working directly at Yobbers, we are only involved in the application process.
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Can I do an internship abroad through Yobbers?
We currently do not offer any internships abroad. However, we might have internships available directly at Yobbers. Have a look at our working at Yobbers page!
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Do I have to pay anything if I want to go abroad with Yobbers?
No! The contact, advice, service, and help given during the recruitment process by Yobbers are free, you don't have to pay anything! Depending on the job and the employer, you may have to pay them a fee (usually for voluntary jobs) or pay for your flight and accommodation yourself. This is clearly indicated in the vacancies.
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Do I receive an employment contract from the employer abroad or from Yobbers?
When you go to work abroad, you receive an employment contract from your new employer abroad. You are not employed by Yobbers, unless you applied for a job at Yobbers directly.
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