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How Lotte swapped her old life for an adventure in Spain!

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Lotte in Valencia

My life motto is: ‘Porque no?’ 'Why not?' My worst nightmare is being stuck in routines, work, and the same environment, not following my dreams. Over the years, my bucket list has grown, items have been checked off, and new ones added. But for several years, moving abroad has held the number one spot. How, what, when, and where were unclear at first, but once this idea settled in my mind, I couldn't ignore it anymore!

Moving to Spain

I lived in a nice house in Amsterdam, had a good job, and a happy life. In short: nothing to complain about! After several years of working hard, my partner and I felt it was time to take a step back from the hustle, time to enjoy life a little and take it easier! However, due to lower wages and a not-so-extensive range of Dutch-speaking jobs, we started having doubts at one point. Should we really do this? Will life somewhere else be worth taking a step back? Can we make ends meet?


Still, my dream of living abroad kept nagging at me. So, at the beginning of this year, we decided to completely change everything together. We quit everything and began the search for a job and a house. Based on previous vacations, we quickly agreed on the destination: Spain! The climate, the culture, the language— I could go on and on...

Working in Valencia experience

No regrets at all

All our worries vanished when we arrived in Valencia and walked into the apartment with our five suitcases. Discovering that it was even more beautiful in reality, we were certain: this will be our city for the foreseeable future! Soon enough, we bought bicycles, explored the neighborhood, and made friends through WhatsApp groups and city events.


Valencia is truly a delightful city to live in. Each district has its own advantages: Russafa for vintage shopping, El Carmen for restaurants, and the beach at Cabanyal for escaping the city bustle. Every week, we uncover new places, continuously expanding our never-ending Valencia bucket list. Plenty more to check off!

Working in Valencia experience

The idea of us fulfilling our own dreams brings such a fantastic feeling!

For us, this step was the right one at the right time: not having to do anything and especially doing what we felt like was right. After work, heading to the beach, renting a car to explore villages, learning Spanish, and trying out the numerous restaurants. The idea that we are making our own dreams come true gives such a fantastic feeling!


Now it's your turn!

Do you also want to live and work in another country? Check out our job openings abroad, and who knows, just like Lotte, you might discover your new favorite city abroad!

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