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Don't miss out on these travel destinations in March!

27 February, 2023 by
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Spring is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate this lovely season than by having a good look at your spring travel bucket list and booking your next trip?! Keep on reading and discover our favourite spring destinations!

The Cotswolds, England


Are you planning on moving to and working in the UK? Please, grasp every opportunity to discover this beautiful country! One of England’s gems is the Cotswolds, located in the south. Idyllic spots, quaint cottages, cute villages, anyone? The Cotswolds is a wonderful area for a beautiful drive or a long walk. You can also visit Woodstock's Blenheim Palace, known from the Downtown Abbey series. Did you know that Winston Churchill was born in this very castle? In March, nature in the Cotswolds is in full bloom, which makes it the perfect place for outdoor lovers. We would definitely recommend a weekend away here!

San José, Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a tropical country in Central America and is the perfect destination for your March trip. Because of its many tropical climates, the country is worth a visit all year round. Then why March? The high season is gradually coming to an end, but there is still plenty to discover. In this way, you can make the most of your trip without running into big crowds everywhere you go. You should definitely visit the capital of San José, with its Teatro Nacional, Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and Butterfly Garden. Nature lovers can go on walking tours or visit the volcanoes. If you are lucky, you might come across one of the coffee plantations. Breathe in a piece of authentic national history and make your trip unforgettable.

Dublin, Ireland


Summer, autumn, winter or spring: the weather in Dublin is unpredictable and you can experience multiple seasons in just one day! Yet this volatility only adds to the Irish capital’s charm. March marks the celebration of St Patrick’s Day, commemorating the patron saint of Ireland. Did you know that he is not actually Irish? St Patrick’s Day itself is dated 17th March, but the festivities last no less than 5 days! Key words: green outfits, traditional music and lots and lots and lots of beer. Take a look at the vacancies on our website and find a job in Dublin!

München, Germany


Munich is a beautiful city and while there is never a bad time to visit, March is particularly pleasant. Even though the tourist season is quietly making its entrance,, it will not be nearly as crowded as during the high season. In March, a well-known spring festival called Starkbierzeit, or Strong Beer Festival, takes place. In case you missed Oktoberfest, you can still get a taste of the atmosphere during Starkbierzeit. The festival celebrates freshly brewed, aromatic seasonal beers. Fun fact: they are twice as strong as the beer consumed at Oktoberfest! Are you living and working in Germany and are you a real beer lover? Then you should definitely visit Starkbierzeit! 

Havana, Cuba


Late March is an excellent time to visit Cuba. It is not as crowded as during January or February, and the weather is still nice. In other words: lots of sunshine and little chance of rain. On the slightly warmer days, there is often a lovely breeze, so it does not feel extremely hot. If you visit Cuba, you should definitely visit its capital, Havana, with its colourful houses and American cars. An ultimate must-do is a city tour of all of Havana’s highlights!

Tuscany, Italy


This fairytale region in the centre of Italy appeals to the imagination and has set the scene for many romantic films over the years. Although the most popular season to visit Italy is summer, March might offer you a new perspective. As the high season is still far away, you might find yourself roaming the small roads nearly alone, which makes it the perfect place to unwind and escape your daily life. Go visit Italian farmers and help them harvest their olives or make a trip to Pisa or Firenze. Temperatures can rise to a cautious 15 degrees, and the sun is already making a shy appearance. Spring in all its glory!

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