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8 great countries to live and work in!

1 December, 2023 by Photo from Laura Laura  ◦  48 views  ◦  6 minutes reading time
great countries to live in

Have you ever dreamt of moving to another country? Perhaps you want to leave your rainy country and live in a sunny destination, working in a bustling metropolis is still on your bucket list, or it's your dream to live in a mountain hut surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. In this blog, we've listed 8 countries where it's fantastic to live and work abroad.


When you think of Portugal, you think of sun! This Southern European country is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious wines, and fresh seafood. However, Portugal has much more to offer! If you have an interest in culture and architecture, you're in the right place as well. Each city has its own story. The people of Portugal are very hospitable and quickly involve you in their culture, making you feel at home when you work in Portugal. While you may earn a bit less in Portugal, the salary is in line with the cost of living. Accommodation, transport, and food is probably cheaper than you are used to! The most popular city to live and work in is, of course, Lisbon! Nowhere in Europe will you find a city with more hours of sunshine. The charming capital offers the entire spectrum of colors and, built on seven hills, provides breathtaking views everywhere.


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A country that often receives positive attention in Europe when it comes to quality of life is Sweden. One significant advantage of Sweden is its excellent healthcare system, which contributes to a high life expectancy. Swedish residents have a life expectancy of 82.3 years. Additionally, the education system in Sweden is well-regarded. These factors could be good reasons to build a future in beautiful Scandinavia. Enjoy the stunning nature in your free time or regularly unwind in a sauna, as Sweden has a genuine sauna culture! Sweden also consistently ranks high on the Prosperity Index list, which classifies countries based on prosperity and well-being. The people in Sweden are quite content with their lives. It's no wonder that living and working in Sweden is enjoyable!

The Netherlands 

A country that exudes charm is the Netherlands. Cozy autumn vibes, social people, and an amazing international country. Speaking English is no problem for the locals, making it easier to establish a life when working in the Netherlands. No need to worry about making new friends! In addition to that, the country has beaches, beautiful nature with woods you want to get lost in, and many cities to discover. You can get around easily by public transport, allowing you to discover a new city every weekend!


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Another country where it's very pleasant to live is on the other side of the world. Australia is a popular destination for emigration. It boasts a multicultural society and a very relaxed lifestyle. Locals are often super laid-back and helpful. Australia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, so you'll have plenty of space to live comfortably. The country also offers a very pleasant atmosphere to work in. It's quite similar to Europe, with the only difference being the need to arrange a visa for Australia. If you want to apply for an Australian visa, you can easily find online which visa is suitable for living and working in Australia. In terms of education, climate, and healthcare, Australia also scores very well. All in all, these factors make living in Australia very enjoyable, if you want to move far away!


Living in Germany is a great option. Germany consistently ranks in the top lists of the best countries to live in. The healthcare system in Germany is also at an excellent level. Furthermore, Germany scores well in education, with university education being free for residents and international students. There are plenty of big cities to live in, such as Frankfurt and Berlin, but you can also choose to live more rural in the nature.


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Spain, much like its neighbor Portugal, offers a delightful climate. When you think of living in Spain, you think of enjoyment. The Spanish are experts at savoring delicious food and fine wines, all at a leisurely southern pace – we all love that siesta! Living in Spain is also considerably cheap. When you move to Spain and start working there, you usually don't need much time to adjust to your new surroundings. You'll quickly feel at home. Whether you choose to live on the coast in Valencia or Barcelona or opt for the vibrant capital, Madrid, Spain has something for everyone. Read our blog to compare these beautiful Spanish cities here.


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Life in Hungary is significantly cheap. You can live like a king here! The prices of houses and land are considerably lower compared to the rest of Europe. For example, you can buy a nice house with 3 hectares of land for €50.000. As a result, rental prices are also much lower. You don't need to worry about that when you work in Hungary. Another advantage is that other living expenses are also very low. Think of insurance, food, drinks, and outings. The country is not only attractive due to the low prices, but there's also plenty to see. Hungary has a rich and fascinating history and a unique culture. There's plenty to discover. For instance, visit the beautiful capital, Budapest. This fantastic city has countless attractions you must see!


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The quality of life in Greece is high, and it's not surprising given the beautiful environment. Additionally, Greeks place great value on family, friendships, and their community. They also welcome expats with open arms! Due to its strategic location, many companies are established in the country, so you'll have plenty of options when you decide to live and work in Greece. Your wallet need not be a concern either, as life in Greece is very affordable. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, a vibrant culture, and intriguing archaeological sites!


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Of course, there are many other wonderful places to live and work abroad! What will be your next destination? 🌎 Discover all our destinations here!

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