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Working abroad Application Process

The application process with Yobbers!

Last update: 25 October, 2022  ◦  20 October, 2022 by Photo from Eugénie Eugénie  ◦  223 views  ◦  2 minutes Reading time
Steps for application Process Yobbers

Do you have the goal to take a new step and work abroad? We will explain to you step by step how the application process with Yobbers works.

Your Profile.

First, you must create an account. In your profile, you share your data, work experience, education, language skills and other relevant information and, most important, upload your English CV. You can create a free profile on Yobbers.com in just a few minutes and start the process towards your new life abroad. Are you registered but can't find a job that suits you? Then subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep you informed about the latest job offers!


You can apply to all jobs which match your profile. Make sure you check the language requirements per vacancy. When you apply for an offer, you will have the possibility to make an appointment for an interview with us. During this interview, the recruiter will discuss your motivation to work abroad, your professional experience, the process, the employer and if your profile is complete. Important: Do not consider this interview an admission but a first job interview. We wrote down some tips on how to make the interview a success.

5 Trustpilot stars Review from Ivana Ilic

Best recruiting experience ever

Recruiting process via Yobbers was maybe the best ever. The recruiter was friendly, professional and explained everything since the beginning clearly and in detail. They communicated with me without any unnecessary delays - always replying fast and answering phone calls. Also, the recruiter was always available for any of my questions and doubts. After I started communicating directly with the employer the recruiter was making sure that the communication between me and the employer went flawlessly, following the entire selection process through until the end. I can only recommend! Good job, Yobbers.de! ...read more

21 June, 2021

The process

If you meet the employer's requirements, the recruiter will decide to submit your application to the company abroad. The Yobbers recruiter might already ask you to perform some tests beforehand. Generally, the employer abroad responds within a few days to a week and a half. If the recruiter abroad is interested in your profile, you will be invited for an interview. During this interview, the recruiter will discuss the job, the project, your knowledge and your motivation in more detail and decide whether you suit the position.


Good to know! The recruiter may invite you to more than one interview or ask you to take a test later in the process. It depends on the position.


The recruiter abroad will process your application after the interview and determine whether or not you will receive the job. You will also be in contact with the Yobbers recruiter, who will inform you of your application progress. You will receive an email or call from the employer when you get the job. But for sure, the Yobbers recruiter will notify you. You will usually receive the results of your application within a week (depending on the employer). You can therefore be hired and have a contract in a few weeks! 


Now all you have to do is prepare for your departure! ✈️

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