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Working abroad Application Process

Application guide: the process for finding a job abroad!

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Steps for application Process Yobbers

In this blog, we will explain to you how the job application process for finding a job abroad looks like. Read on and find out how it works!

You are planning to take a new step in your career and pursue your dream of working abroad. A decision that we can only encourage! When you have created an account on our website and have found an interesting vacancy that you would like to apply for, the process begins! Below you will find all the important steps you will go through on your way to your new job abroad.

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#1 Create your CV

The first step in the application process is adding a CV to your profile. Without a CV, Yobbers cannot help you further with an employer abroad, so this is very important! Your CV is also the first impression you leave with both our recruiters and potential employer(s) abroad. So making sure your CV is in order should definitely not be missing from your to-do list! Also, don't forget to mention your English level on your CV. There are handy online tests available, such as the Cambridge test, to determine your level. Tip: always provide a CV in English, as some employers request this.


#1 Need help with creating your CV? Read more here!

#2 Call appointment with a Yobbers recruiter

When you apply for a vacancy, you have the option to indicate when you would like to be called by one of our recruiters. During this conversation, the recruiter will ask about your motivation for working abroad and your previous work experience. Furthermore, this conversation is also an opportunity for you to ask questions! The recruiter can tell you more about the employer, the position, employment conditions, and further procedures. Based on this conversation, the recruiter may or may not introduce you to the employer(s) abroad. Do not see this conversation as an intake, but as a first job interview for the vacancy! It is possible that the Yobbers recruiter will ask you to take some tests after this conversation, if required by the employer.


#2 Read here how you can prepare for the call appointment with a Yobbers recruiter!

#3 Prepare for the job interview

If you meet the requirements of the employer, the recruiter can submit your application to the employer abroad. If the employer finds you a suitable candidate for the vacancy, you will be invited for a job interview. And preparation is key!


#3 Time to prepare your interview with the employer! Here we assist you with a checklist and questions

#4 The interview with the employer

Now it's time for the official job interview! Assume that the interview will be a video interview, usually via Skype or Microsoft Teams. Take your time, log in to your computer on time, and check all your video and audio settings beforehand. In this interview, your knowledge, motivation, and experience for the position will be discussed. Be aware that this is often the only interview the employer will have with you: so present yourself at your best!


#4 In this blog, you can read 5 tips on how to make your job interview a success!

After the interview with the employer, fingers crossed!! Let us know how it went, we'd love to hear! In some cases, the employer will share the results with you directly, or they will be shared with you via the Yobbers recruiter. Exciting! Throughout all the steps in the process, we are here for you, whether you have questions, doubts, good or not-so-good news - we are here to support you. 🚀 🧡


Haven't applied yet? Take a look at all our vacancies abroad and start your adventure now! 

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