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Working abroad Application Process

Application guide: the process for finding a job abroad!

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Steps for application Process Yobbers

Work abroad in only 4 steps? Absolutely! We make working abroad as easy as possible. This blog explains how the application process works.

You are planning to take a new step in your career and pursue your dream of working abroad. A decision that we can only encourage! When you have created an account on our website and have found an interesting vacancy that you would like to apply for, the process begins! Below you will find all the important steps you will go through on your way to your new job abroad.

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Step one, send application

#1 Send application

The first step in the application process is finding a job that suits you and applying. Applying for a job abroad with Yobbers is very simple. Just click the apply button, fill out some information, pick a time to be called by our recruiter and you’re good to go. There is no more to the application really. Except for updating your CV.


You can apply for a job abroad without a CV, but it’s definitely better to have it ready before your application. You need a CV anyway further in the process. Additionally, with a CV, your application gets priority over others. 🙌


💡 Quick tip: make it in English en mention your English level so it’s ready for every international employer.


Download our CV template here.


📝 Want some help with creating your CV? Read more here!

Step two, getting to know you

#2 Getting to know you

You get a call from Timothy, Melissa, or one of our other recruiters on the time you selected in your application. It’s a nice chat about why you would like to work abroad and take the time to get to know you. Our recruiters get compliments that it feels just like talking to a friend all the time, so no worries about the call. 


You will get some questions, for example, about your previous work experience. The call is also a chance to ask questions. The recruiter can tell you more about the employer, the position, what it’s like to work abroad (all recruiters at Yobbers are experienced in working abroad), and next steps to get to where you want to go. 


Do some preparation before the call so you can tell why you are a great fit for the vacancy. Think about previous experience in the same field or your personal motivation to apply for a specific vacancy. It is possible that our recruiter will ask you to take some tests after this conversation, if it’s required by the employer.

💡 Quick tip: you can already save our number so you know we are the ones calling. When applying you will be called by: +3197010256714.


☎️ Read about how to prepare for the call

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Great communication

I think I lucked out with the person helping me, Lotte was always quick to respond, helpful and super friendly! This amazing communication led me to find the prefect job within only 1 week. more

11 November, 2023

Step three, meet the employer

#3 Meet the employer

This is the biggest step to work abroad. It's part preparation and part nailing the interview with your future employer. No worries, we help you with both! 


First, the preparation. Make sure to prepare everything in English since the job interview will most likely also be in English. If you are not so comfortable with English yet, try and speak it for a day with family or friends. Or just practice the interview in English. That will go a long way in feeling more comfortable during the interview. 


That is just one of many tips we have. Check the blog about preparation for your job interview for tips on what to look into, questions to ask and things to finish. 


Now for the interview itself. It’s most likely a video interview over Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Take your time, log in to your computer on time, and check all your video and audio settings beforehand. The interview will be about your knowledge, motivation, and experience for the position you applied for. When you have prepared well and are ready for the interview, just be yourself and you got this! 


Want to know more about the job interview? Check out the blog about your job interview with the employer.

Step four, you got the job

#4 You got the job!

We are sure you did amazing with the interview! Now all you can do is wait for the news if you got the job. This usually takes 2-4 business days. In some cases, the employer will share the results with you directly, or they will be shared with you via the Yobbers recruiter and you will hear from us asap. When you get the news that you are hired, let us know how it went. We'd love to hear! Check here what things to arrange once you got hired.

In short, you can find our application guide here: 


Throughout all the steps in the process, we are here for you. Whether you have questions, doubts, good or not-so-good news - we are here to support you. 🚀 🧡


Haven't applied yet? Take a look at all our vacancies abroad and start your adventure now! 

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