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Working abroad Application Process

#2 Getting to know you

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Step 2 in the application process: getting to know you. If you want to be prepared the best, use this checklist for the call. Then you already know all the questions the recruiter can ask. After this step you have a personal recruiter that helps you with everything working abroad.

This blog is part of our blog series: application guide: the process for finding a job abroad! Have you read them all?


Most, but not all application processes go directly through Yobbers. Read here who takes care of your application.

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The vacancy πŸ’» | Know the job inside and out! 

When having the call it’s a good idea to have the vacancy in front of you so you can check information about the job. If you have any questions about the job, write them down. Ask about what your day will look like or what to expect when living abroad for the first time. 

The destination 🌍 | Know why you want to live and work there.

Check out the culture, climate and lifestyle at the destination. Look up videos on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram or check out blogs about people who have experienced working abroad here. The lifestyle in Greece, Portugal and Spain handles time a lot differently. What can be very nice, but also takes some getting used to. 


If you have questions about moving to a new country, what you need to think of and what the cost of living is. Write those down as well. Our recruiter is happy to help!


πŸ’‘ Tip: With your profile on Yobbers, you can also become part of our Yobbers community on Facebook and get in touch with our candidates already abroad. 

Personal information πŸ“Ž | Upload all the needed documents to your profile.

This makes the job of our recruiter a lot easier. Thanks in advance for filling out your profile! 


The most important thing to upload in your profile is your English CV. That gives us instant knowledge about how likely you are to score the job you have applied for or in what other ways we can help you. By having a complete profile our recruiter is 100% prepared to help you the best. πŸš€ Check out how to make you CV here.

Preparation πŸ’¬ | Ready for the interview!

Make sure you have the interview on your agenda so you don’t miss our call. Additionally it’s important to already save our number, so you know it’s Yobbers calling when the phone rings. 


When you have had your call with our recruiter you'll be ready for step 3: meeting the employer. Do you want more tips and tricks on the application process? Check out our blog section on our website.


🏷️ Note: Good to know is that at the end of the call, our recruiter may also ask you to take some tests. These tests are sometimes required by the employer and must be passed before you meet the employer. The test is usually just a language test and a written skills test. It's important to complete these tests before meeting the employer, but that is for later. If you have any questions, you can always contact the recruiter you have been in touch with.

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