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Working abroad Application Process

#2 Call appointment with a Yobbers recruiter

Last update: 10 August, 2023  ◦  23 October, 2022 by Photo from Nina Nina  ◦  567 views  ◦  3 minutes Reading time
application process finding a job abroad

Step 2 in the application process for finding a job abroad: your call appointment with a Yobbers recruiter! Use this checklist to prepare for the conversation.

In our blog series, we explain what the application process for finding a job abroad looks like. In our previous blog, we already told you how to create your CV. In this blog, we'll tell you everything about the next step: your call appointment with a Yobbers recruiter!



After creating your profile and uploading your English CV, you can apply for the jobs on our website. If you find a photo of our recruiters at the end of the vacancy, Yobbers will take care of the first part of the application process. Use the following checklist to prepare yourself for the first call with our recruiters. If you follow this checklist and have a successful interview, the next step is an online interview with the employer abroad


Important: Most, but not all application processes go directly through Yobbers. Read here who takes care of your application.


You are well prepared and ready for your interview if you can check all points on this checklist.

yobbers interview image

The vacancy 💻 | I know the job inside out! 

  • I know roughly what my daily work routine and tasks look like and what to expect
  • I have checked whether my salary expectations correspond to the job offer
  • I have written down what is unclear to me and can ask questions during the interview 


My destination 🌍 | I have informed myself about the country and know why I want to live and work there.

  • I have informed myself about my destination country, culture, and climate (blogs, videos, documentaries, etc.)
  • I have prepared questions about the move
  • I know the cost of living in my destination country 


Tip: With your profile on Yobbers, you can also become part of our Yobbers community on Facebook and get in touch with our candidates already abroad. 


My information 📎 | I have uploaded all the required documents to my profile.

  • I have written my English CV and described my educational background and my professional career (read hear how to create your CV!)
  • I have uploaded my English CV to my Yobbers profile 
  • I have proofread my English CV to make sure all my details are correct (contact details, availability, work experience, education)


Your personal preparation 💬 | You are ready for the interview!

  • You have added your interview appointment to your calendar 
  • You have a space available in a quiet environment to conduct the interview
  • You know exactly why you want to work abroad and are already looking forward to the interview


If you can tick off all these points, your adventure abroad will certainly be a success and you'll be ready for step 3: preparing for the job interview with the employer! Do you need more tips on the application process? Check out our blog section on our website.


Note: Good to know is that at the end of the call appointment, the Yobbers recruiter may also ask you to take some tests. These tests are sometimes required by the employer and must be passed before the job interview takes place. The tests usually consist of a language test and a written skills test. It's important to complete these tests within the given time to be able to proceed with your application. If you have any questions, you can always contact the recruiter you have been in touch with.

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